About Chris Fennewald

My start in photography began more that 25 years ago at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Since then, I have been photographed features for newspapers and magazines. Over the years that experience expanded to include weddings, events and other portraiture work.


I have worked at national farm magazines and daily newspapers, but the bulk of my professional life has been spent as Missouri Farm Bureau's official photographer and editor. The broad range of work in that position allowed me to expand into more portrait photography. As an editor and photographer, I have been exposed to a wide range of personalities, learning about people is just as much fun as photographing them.

Portrait Work

CJ's Photography was born after shooting weddings for friends and family for several years. Photography has been a big part part of my employment. Progressing to photographing weddings, senior students, reunions and infants simply fit. My goal is to make sure people feel comfortable before a shoot so the best in them can be pictured.

Sport Photography

This has been an extension of my portrait work, shooting portraits of students in volleyball, basketball, baseball and cross country and combining that image with a team photo on personalized 8x10 composite prints.